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I thought I would let y’all know about the friendly competition we have been doing on Fridays since our benchmark test. Each Friday, students take a STAAR quiz, which is one passage from a released STAAR test. The class with the highest average gets donuts or cookies the following Monday, and now each student from the winning class will get a vinyl (VSCO/hydroflask/computer/binder) sticker!

The kids are excited and having lots of fun with it, so be sure to ask your child how they do each Friday! I use an app to grade so they get their grades instantly.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns!

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Missing book report packet


I am trying to finish grading book reports, and I am missing packets for 25 people who did a presentation! Your grade will be marked 50 points off until you get it turned in! Your packet is 50% of the grade. If it is not turned in by Friday, your grade will not be changed. They were due last week!

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week 26 February 24-28


Introducing FlipGrid took longer than expected last week, so this week we will finish reviewing the benchmark and testing strategies this week!

Monday-benchmark review

Tuesday-finish benchmark review

Wednesday-review testing strategies

Thursday-review testing strategies

Friday-STAAR practice test

*Reading logs are due Sunday at midnight!*

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FlipGrid-Say Hi to Olivia!


There has been such a positive and overwhelming response to FlipGrid! Y’all are doing an awesome job with your book talks, and I love that you guys are loving using this resource!

I added a topic that is solely dedicated to you guys being able to say hi to Olivia! I know some of you have tried to FaceTime with her during Mrs. Lobue’s class and sometimes it hasn’t worked out. So, this will allow you shoot a quick video to her!

Everyone else will be able to see your video, so keep that in mind when you’re recording.

Your video will not automatically post to the topic, because I will need to approve it before it will post.

Show Olivia some love this weekend!

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adjustments to this week


I made a few adjustments to this week.

We needed an extra day to present book reports. We will finish going over the benchmark tomorrow and students will do a practice STAAR passage on Friday. If we need an extra day to finish reviewing the benchmark, then we will save the practice passage for next week.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

[email protected]

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week 25 February 17-21


Monday- no school

Tuesday-book reports are due. NO EXCEPTIONS. This will count for 2 test grades. Students will present their books and new knowledge to the class

Wednesday-finish presenting book reports

Thursday-review benchmark

Friday- (McCoy out in morning for a meeting) STAAR practice passage with a partner

reading log is due Sunday at midnight

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Benchmark/practice STAAR parent page


Parents, a page will be coming home with your student today that has their benchmark grade.

It will also include their score for last year’s STAAR test, if they showed growth, and if they passed, approached grade level, met grade level, or mastered the grade level.

Please look over and discuss it with your child. It needs to be signed and returned tomorrow for a daily grade. Each day it is late is 10 points off of their free 100.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

[email protected]

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week 24: Feb. 10-14


I’m back! I learned lots of super cool new technology things while I was away at TCEA, and we will begin using some of these things in class very soon!

This week, we are taking the practice STAAR tests. The rest of the week, we will be going over the test together.

Monday-math benchmark (practice STAAR)

Tuesday-reading benchmark (practice STAAR)

Wednesday-catch up missing work

Thursday-review benchmark

Friday-review benchmark

Reading log is due at midnight!

If you have a question or concern about your grade, you need to come talk to me about it!

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week 23: February 3-7


I will be out everyday this week. I am going to Austin to the TCEA conference. Mrs. Cline will be the sub each day. Everything is subject to change according to what Mrs. Cline sees fit. She is a retired teacher from our district, so this is not her first rodeo!


Monday read “The Girl Who Dared” and “My America”

Tuesday complete “Close Reading” questions for “The Girl Who Dared” and “My America” (first page of packet)

Wednesday complete “Plan Your Proposal” (second page of packet)

Thursday complete The Girl Who Dared Character Thinking Tool (last page of packet)

Friday complete vocabulary practice


Students who finish this week’s assignments early will have a STAAR practice packet to work on. 

Reading logs are due Sunday at midnight. 

Nonfiction book report is due Feb. 17 NO EXCEPTIONS

Email me if you have any questions or concerns. [email protected]

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missing grades reminder


Thank you so much to my parents who have emailed me the last few days about your child’s missing work or concerns about grades! I love when parents help their kids be successful!

Because parents have had some concerns lately, I thought I would pop on here and give a few reminders!

-If a grade in skyward just has an asterisk (*) it is NOT missing. It means I have not out a grade in yet because most likely I have not finished grading yet.

-If an assignment has a 0 grade and is marked missing, then it is missing.

-I often get asked “Where could this assignment be?” Well, the answer is I don’t know. If a student has an assignment that is marked as missing it means they did not turn in an assignment with their name on it  (or click submit/turn in if it is online).

I do my best to get assignments graded and in skyward quickly, but some assignments take longer to grade than others.

Please let me know if you have any other needs or concerns!

Lauren McCoy

[email protected]

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