week 12: Oct. 28-Nov. 1

Monday- similes & idioms assignment

Tuesday- Personification & imagery assignment

Wednesday- (1/2 day) acrostics & “I Know This Because” assignment

Thursday- finish figurative language assignments, then work on book report

Friday- figurative language quiz, then work on book report.


For Friday’s quiz-study the notes we took in class last week. You will need to match each type of figurative language to their definition and identify an example of each. You will NOT be allowed to use your notes.


This week, we are completing quite a few figurative language assignments. You are welcome to move at your own pace. If you complete all assignments early, you can use the remaining time in class this week to work on your book report while I am here to help you and answer questions.


Don’t forget, reading logs are due Sunday at midnight. Make sure you click the blue “turn in” button in Google classroom so I can see that you turned it in.

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